About Us

Who we are?

Afghanistan is at a critical moment in its history, in which governance, development and security trends are evolving, every day. Tadbeer’s goal is to make sense of this change by delivering quality research, capacity building and consulting services so you can make the right decisions, fit for an ever-evolving and complex environment. Our approach is different because we are a fully Afghan owned and led company that applies an Afghan perspective essential to deliver meaningful and sustainable outcomes.

Our Approach

Tadbeer strives to combine foreign and Afghan expertise in order to arrive at solutions that meet the specific needs of Afghanistan’s development agenda, culture and political context. This is achieved by promoting Afghan leadership and inputs from highly skilled Afghan development and governance specialists. These experts are at the core of Tadbeer’s team, each of whom has years of training and expertise both in Afghanistan and abroad. As the international community continues to withdraw from Afghanistan, Tadbeer will continue to offer services to Afghan institutions and international partners in an effort to build on development initiatives already underway.

Why Us?

Tadbeer means excellent management in Dari and Pashtu, a concept that drives all of our work. We are proud to offer services in all 34 provinces, in all local languages, applying internationally recognized management practices to our work either in Kabul or in the most remote and insecure parts of Afghanistan. Together, our team provides local knowledge and international expertise to help you achieve sustainable impact in an unpredictable environment. This has been our approach in implementing over 45 projects throughout Afghanistan since 2009.

Our Team

Tadbeer’s national team is comprised of highly qualified development, management and governance professionals, including an experienced network of surveyors in all 34 provinces, representing all language – and ethnic – groups. Internationally, Tadbeer has access to a wide network of deployable professionals with a range of expertise and experience in Afghanistan and in the region. Please refer to the Team Profile section for a list of skills and expertise.

Team MembersTeam Profile
 ehsan_imgTadbeer’s team is led by Mr. Mohammed Ehsan Zia, the former minister of the Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD). Mr. Zia is the President and CEO of Tadbeer Consulting Inc. and holds a Master’s degree in Post-War Recovery Studies from the University of York, in the UK. He has more than three decades of experience in the design and management of humanitarian, development and governance programs and policies, and has authored extensively on these subjects.



Akbar SarwariAkbar Sarwari holds BA & MA in Political Science and International Relations and a Master degree in Research and Consulting. Since 2001, he has been involved in conducting rights-based workshops, seminars, conferences, researches, assessments, evaluations and development of strategies and policies.





Mohammad Bashir SultaniMohammad Bashir Sultani holds Bachelor of Business Administration. He is the Director of Admin & Finance at Tadbeer Consulting Inc. and has more than ten years experience in Administration and Finance.

  • Gender Specialists
  • Monitoring and evaluation experts
  • Do No Harm practitioners
  • Governance specialists
  • Strategists
  • Administrators
  • Accountants
  • Professional Writers
  • Result-based management experts
  • Humanitarian practitioners
  • Facilitators
  • Leadership trainers
  • Human resource specialists